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23 Printer engine time out.
25 Ink cartridges had already been loaded when the power first applied.
30 The carriage cannot travel to the right or left.
31 After driven by the specified number of pulses, the carriage does not stop
32 The carriage movement parameter exceeded the travel range during printing.
33 The carriage cannot move in midway of travel.
34 The carriage stops during the short travel
35 The carriage stops during low speed travel
36 The carriage stop position is out of the travel range.
37 The carriage speed exceeds the allowable limits.
38 The carriage speed drops below the allowable limit during constant travel
39 The carriage has overridden the travel range
3B Printing area error.
3C Sudden carriage during printing
41 The head drive voltage has not been turned Low to High within the specified time.
42 The head drive voltage has not been turned High to Low within the specified time.
43 Head thermister broken
44 Head thermister short-circuited.
45 Flushing operation abnormally ended.
46 The number of performed purge sequences has reached the limit
47 Head parameter stored in the EEPROM on either of the two print heads is invalid.
4B Abnormal carriage travel speed detected when the power was applied.
4D Reference voltage for video capture is abnormal.
4E Drive voltage rank setting for print head is abnormal.
50 The purge came HP switch does not come ON even after the purge cam has been driven by the specified number of pulses.
51 The purge came HP switch does not go OFF even after the purge cam has been driven by the specified number of pulses.
52 At the time of purge operation, the carriage has not stopped in the purge position
53 The pump switching cam HP switch does not go off even after the switch cam has been driven by the specified number of pulses.
73 Any of the four ink cartridges is not set into place
82 Recording paper feeding error.
83 Recording paper jam. (The registration sensor sticks to OFF, indicating that paper jam.)
84 Recording paper jam. (The paper ejection sensor has detected a paper jam.)
88 Recording paper jam. ( Even after the registration sensor has come ON, the paper ejection sensor does not detect paper.)
A1 Top cover opened.
A2 Document too long to scan.
A3 Document not detected by the document rear sensor.
A4 50% or more faulty of white level data.
A7 One-line feeding timeout.
A8 One-line scanning timeout.
AC Less than 50% faulty of white level data.
B7 A/D voltage regulation error ( Exceeding the upper limit).
B8 A/D voltage regulation error (Dropping below the lower limit)
B9 Light emission intensity error of the LED array.
D5 The Modem has failed to complete the command transmission sequence.
E4 Out of recording paper.
E6 Write error in EEPROM
E8 Data scanning error during transmission
EA Document removed at phase B
F6 PC Interface error.


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