Xerox DocuColor 2240 Copier Parts                 

 Xerox DocuColor 2240 COPIER PARTS  available today, We can help you look up the part you're in need of as well.

6R1122 Black Toner
6R1123 Cyan Toner
6R1124 Magenta Toner
6R1125 Yellow Toner
8R12915 Staples 3 cartridges per carton, 5,000 staple refills per cartridge
8R12904 Fuser Module
8R12903 Toner Waste Container
13R579 Copy Cartridge
  Field Replaceable Units
  Drive Unit
007K85750 Drum Motor Assembly
007K87110 IBT Motor Assembly
007K86400 Developer Drive Motor Assembly
007K86920 Main Drive Motor Assembly
007K87220 Developer Gear
  Main Drive Motor Assembly
121K22470 Takeaway Clutch
121K23270 Developer K Clutch
  IBT Steering Motor and MOB Sensor
007K85580 IBT Steering Motor Assembly
130K60865 MOB Sensor Assembly
  Tray 1
003E23672 Stop
014E42850 Spacer
110K08541 Tray 1 Paper Size Sensor
050K48170 Tray 1
892E41110 Label
892E13310 Instruction Label
  Tray 1 Feeder and Left Lower Cover Assembly
059K15573 Tray 1 Feeder
802K13193 Left Lower Cover Assembly
130K60851 Tray 1 Feedout Sensor
130E82190 LH Lower Cover Interlock Switch
029E31600 Rivet
  Tray 1 Feeder
127K23230 Tray 1 Feed/Lift Motor
005K83081 One-way Clutch
007K85730 One-way Gear
130E82190 Tray 1 Level / No Paper Sensor
600K78460 Roll Kit (3 Rolls/Kit)
005K05890 One-way Clutch
  Registration Transport
059K24661 Registration Transport Assembly
121K22220 Registration Clutch
130E82650 Registration Sensor
160K46290 OHP Sensor
  Left Cover Unit
007E64740 Damper Gear
004E11831 Damper (White)
802K45490 Left Cover Assembly
  Left Cover Assembly
054K22410 Registration Chute
604K07070 2nd BTR
809E29620 Spring
015K48381 Support
054E16330 Exit Chute
007E62630 Gear (22T)
059K15611 Exit Roll
007E75201 Gear
110K10650 Fuser Exit Switch
054K16130 Duplex Chute
007K85522 Gear
127K29511 2nd BTR Retract Motor
130E82190 2nd BTR Retract Sensor
130E84300 POB Sensor
802K27073 Left Cover Assembly
007K86931 Damper Gear (45T)
  Exit Transport Assembly
130E82190 Full Paper Stack Sensor
059K24690 Exit Transport Assembly
120E18160 Actuator
130E82190 Full Paper Stack Sensor
  Tray 5
059K24801 Tray 5
050K48181 Tray 5 Assembly
120E11971 Actuator
130E82190 Tray 5 No Paper Sensor
  Tray 5 Feed Assembly
038E23560 Paper Guide
121E87830 Tray 5 Feed Solenoid
059K24020 Feed Roll Assembly
059K24010 Feed Roll
019K97130 Retard Pad
  ROS Assembly
062K10881 ROS
  Xerographic Module
802K47090 Waste Toner Cartridge Cover
003K86121 Sensor Holder Assembly
127K29242 Agitator Motor Assembly
130E91010 Full Toner Sensor
015K52320 Plate Assembly
122K93330 Erase Lamp w/Rail (Y, M, C)
122K93340 Erase Lamp w/Rail (K)
  Lift Unit
001K70542 Left Lift Assembly
001K70551 Right Lift Assembly
003K12680 Latch Assembly
003E52290 Left Hinge
003E52300 Right Hinge
006E71740 Shaft
011K94970 Lever Assembly
  IBT Unit
604K07050 IBT Belt Assembly
003K12650 Removal Support
007E61910 Gear (14T)
007E61890 Gear (18T)
802K12950 Auger Assembly
604K07060 IBT Belt Cleaner Assembly
  IBT Belt Assembly
064K91451 Transfer Belt
059K23150 Backup Roll
013E18980 Bearing
  IBT Frame Assembly
130E84270 IBT Home Sensor
130K60830 IBT Edge Sensor
162K56020 Connector (C, K)
162K61090 Connector (Y, M)
019K98200 Front Holder
059K21260 1st BTR Roll
019K98190 Rear Holder
127K33950 Retract Motor
130E82190 Retract Sensor
019K97550 Front Holder
019K97540 Rear Holder
  IBT Elevator
809E26330 Spring
015K49480 Rear Plunger
015K49310 Front Plunger
  Developer Unit
802K45910 Toner Dispenser (Y)
802K45920 Toner Dispenser (M)
802K45930 Toner Dispenser (C)
802K45940 Toner Dispenser (K)
802K33090 Toner Dispenser Base Assembly
127K33930 Toner Dispenser Motor (Y, M, C)
127K33940 Toner Dispenser Motor (K)
116K90810 New Cartridge Detect Switch
802K28891 Developer Housing (Y, M, K, C)
130K63000 ATC Sensor (Y, M, K, C)
035E65010 Seal
604K07520 Developer (K)
604K07490 Developer (Y)
604K07500 Developer (M)
604K07510 Developer (C)
  Fuser Assembly
126K13940 Fuser (120V)
126K13950 Main Heater Rod (110V)
126K13960 Sup Heater Rod (110V)
130K61020 Sensor Assembly
  Air System
127K32730 ROS Shutter Motor
127K29340 Fuser Fan
127K36640 ROS Fan
  Electrical Components
105K18771 HVPS (T5)
105E09980 HVPS (T7)
105E11130 3.3V LVPS (110V)
105E09820 5V LVPS (110V)
160K76802 Interface PWB
105K18641 24V LVPS (110V)
127K29330 LVPS Fan
105E09970 HVPS (T6)
104E93610 Choke Coil (110V)
160K84400 Fuser Noise Filter
160K87730 Interlock Relay PWB
101K38810 AC Power Chassis Assembly (110V)
160K76770 AC Drive PWB (110V)
160K76760 Noise Filter PWB (110V)
908W01200 GFI Breaker
962K08820 Wire Harness
074K94320 Outlet Panel
917W00723 Power Cord (110V)
162K69330 Wire Harness
160K77201 Delay PWB
014K81604 Developer Block
162K62110 Wire Harness
162K55941 Wire Harness (Y, M)
162K55971 Wire Harness (C, K)
162K56000 2nd Wire Harness
113K82310 DTS Connector
162K56031 DTS Wire Harness
962K09800 DC Wire Harness
  Front Cover
891E75951 Logo Plate
892E78280 Name Plate (16/32)
892E78290 Name Plate (22/40)
802K46050 Front Cover Assembly
042K91990 Rod Cleaner Assembly
110E94770 Front Interlock Switch, Right
802K46060 Right Cover
  Top Covers and Inner Covers
802K29610 Top Cover Assembly
802E12400 Connector Cover
110K11211 Main Power Switch
802E12430 Fuser Cover
802K45710 Inner Cover
012K94260 Link
  Rear Cover
802E12480 Blind Cover
802K28110 Rear Cover Assembly
802E12490 Blind Cover
802E12500 Rear Left Middle Cover
802E27860 Rear Left Upper Cover
  Inverter Transport
059K16742 Inverter Transport
015K45802 Clutch Assembly
121K23560 Duplex Gate Solenoid
121K82870 Exit Gate Solenoid
054K17241 Inverter Chute Assembly
054K17252 Exit Gate
130K93230 Face-up Sensor
059K16750 Roll
121K22860 Forward Clutch
121K22870 Reverse Clutch
011E10711 Interlock Actuator
  Duplex Transport Assembly
059K18714 Duplex Transport Assembly
059K23960 Duplex Transport Roll
022K33920 Pinch Roll
160K66860 Duplex Transport PWB
130K61250 Duplex Transport Wait Sensor
059K23980 Pinch Roll
127K29930 Duplex Transport Motor
059K23970 Wait Roll
160K74231 ESS PWB
160K90840 MCU PWB
537K62680 PS-2 ROM
133K22400 SDRAM 256MB
160K82222 ESS NVM PWB
121K27751 HDD
962K08641 HDD Harness Assembly
538K94570 Font ROM
160K76650 MCU NVM PWB
537K61180 MAC ROM
127K32920 ESS Fan
537K62670 PS-1 ROM
133K21100 SDRAM 64MB
133K21200 SDRAM 128MB
  Tray 2/3/4 Assembly
891E49060 Label (Tray 2)
050K48170 Tray 2
003E23672 Stop
014E42850 Spacer
050K43130 Tray 3
050K43120 Tray 4
110K08541 Tray 2 Paper Size Switch
110K10880 Tray 3/4 Paper Size Switch
059E95930 Roll
891E49510 Label (Tray 3)
891E49520 Label (Tray 4)
892E28491 Label
  Tray 2
892E74500 Instruction Label
  Tray 3
802E23990 Tray 3 Cover
020E93120 Tray Cable
009E26970 Spring
  Tray 4
802E23980 Tray 4 Cover
012E10070 Tray Cable
009E26970 Spring
059E95920 Roll
  Paper Feeder
059K21790 Tray 4 Transport Assembly
059K18283 Tray 4 Feeder
130E82650 Tray 4 Feedout Sensor
054E18540 Upper Chute
054E18530 Lower Chute
059K18900 Takeaway Roll
130K61510 Takeaway Sensor
162K62810 Wire Harness
059K15573 Tray 2 Feeder
054K18270 Chute Assembly
130E81600 Tray 3 Feedout Sensor
054E18520 Lower Chute
  Tray 2 Feeder
127K23230 Tray 2 Feed/Lift Motor
005K83081 One-way Clutch
007K85730 One-way Gear
130E82190 Tray 2 Level Sensor
600K78460 Roll Kit (3 Rolls/Kit)
005K05890 One-way Clutch
  Tray 3 Feeder
127K23230 Tray 3 Feed/Lift Motor
005K83081 One-way Clutch
007K85730 One-way Gear
130E82190 Tray 3 Level/No Paper Sensor
600K78460 Roll Kit (3 Rolls/Kit)
005K05890 One-way Clutch
  Tray 4 Feeder
127K23230 Tray 4 Feed/Lift Motor
005K83081 One-way Clutch
007K85730 One-way Gear
130E82190 Tray 4 Level/No Paper Sensor
162K56590 Wire Harness
600K78460 Roll Kit (3 Rolls/Kit)
005K05890 One-way Clutch
  Left Cover Assembly
802K25731 Left Cover Assembly
003E53700 Shaft
003E53710 Hook
011E10800 Handle
809E28960 Spring
809E28980 Spring
015K49470 Interlock Switch
  Tray 3/4 Lift Gear Assembly
015K49460 Gear Assembly (Tray 3)
015K49450 Gear Assembly (Tray 4)
007E66080 Lift Gear
011K96790 Coupling
  Electrical Components and Casters
007E66060 Gear (23/46T)
007E66070 Gear (46T)
007E66050 Gear (33T)
127K31840 Takeaway Motor 2
127K36020 Takeaway Motor 1
017K92350 Caster
017K92360 Caster
160K85980 Tray Module PWB
  Feeder Covers
802E23950 Front Upper Cover
802E23960 Front Lower Cover
802K36580 Rear Cover
802E23930 Left Lower Cover
802K36650 Gate Assembly
801K02480 H-Transport Assembly
003K12090 Thumbscrew
026E93560 Screw
  Gate Assembly
120E20700 Actuator
  H-Transport Assembly
802K28600 H-Transport Cover Assembly
121E91450 Magnet
802K28590 Entrance Upper Cover Assembly
023E20020 H-Transport Belt
802E30150 Harness Guide
802E30140 Cover
130K93360 Entrance Sensor
130E82970 Top Tray Full Sensor
130K62360 Exit Sensor
802K28580 Gate In Solenoid Assembly
162K69070 Wire Harness
162K69060 Wire Harness
007E67850 Gear (37T)
007E67860 Gear (30T)
007E67870 Gear (26T)
130E82540 Interlock Sensor
038E24650 Paper Guide
022E88210 Roll
  Finisher Covers
802E28560 Front Cover
802E28520 Rear Cover
802E28530 Top Cover
802E28540 Left Cover
802E28550 Front Cover Door
802E28570 Left Panel
121E88470 Magnet
  Top Cover and Eject Roll
802K28570 Top Cover
830E81670 Support
022K62610 Eject Pinch Roll
130K61920 Stack Height Sensor Assembly
130E82530 Stack Height Sensor
120E20970 Actuator
005E16220 Clutch
005E16510 Collar
007E67760 Gear (28Z)
007K86910 Gear (20T)
013E20240 Bearing
006K21730 Eject Roll Assembly
  Paper Transportation
120E20690 Actuator
121K24610 Decurler Cam Clutch
008E94070 Cam
031E94030 Arm
059K20210 Decurler Roll
007E67740 Gear (40Z/20T)
007E67750 Gear (40Z)
007E72090 Gear (18Z/21T)
007E67730 Gear (23Z/52T)
023E20160 Belt
423W29655 Belt
127K32840 Finisher Drive Motor
015K52280 Cam Bracket Assembly
020E34970 Pulley
007E67780 Gear (15Z)
423W28054 Belt
007E67810 Gear (30Z)
007E67790 Gear Pulley
127K32870 Eject Motor
007E67800 Cam Gear
007E67770 Gear (42Z/27Z)
121K24620 Set Clamp Solenoid
130E82540 Home Sensor
  Stapler Unit
041K94260 Carriage Assembly
127K32860 Staple Move Motor
130E82530 Staple Sensor
001E59600 Rail
029K91990 Stapler Assembly
962K07440 Stapler Harness
  Compiler Tray Assembly
050K43880 Compiler Tray Assembly
127K32850 Front/Rear Tamper Motor
130E82530 Front/Rear Tamper Home Sensor
130E82540 Compiler Paper Sensor
038E24410 Paper Guide
809E33600 Spring
127K33420 Stacker Motor Assembly
015K50680 Front Elevator Bracket
019E50340 Clamp
007E67830 Rear Gear
007E67840 Front Gear
007E67820 Rack
015K51640 130E82530
  Exit Assembly
007E72080 Gear (48Z)
006K21720 Exit Shaft
007E72070 Gear (32Z/18T)
006K21970 Paddle Gear Shaft
013E20250 Paddle Bearing
022K65880 Pinch Roll
130K94740 Compiler Entrance Sensor
105E11320 Static Eliminator
  Electrical Components
160K76660 Finisher PWB
537K64070 ROM
962K10120 DC Harness
962K10130 Cable
110E97990 Top Cover/Front Door Interlock Switch
130E82530 Docking Interlock Switch
  Rack Assembly
802K36660 Front Rack Assembly
003K12090 Knob Screw
001E60050 Rail
017E94660 Foot
802K36670 Rear Rack Assembly
015E77040 Bottom Plate
  Control Panel
802K46022 Control Panel Assembly
123K94020 Display
110K11100 Touch Panel
160K75800 VR PWB
802E32860 One-touch Panel
160K77367 UI PWB Assembly
  Platen Glass
090K92820 Platen Glass
050K43070 Registration Gate
068E10210 Platen Glass Support
160K66429 ITT/IPS PWB
117E20840 Cable
  CCD PWB, Sensor
127K33160 IPS Fan
130K62000 IIT Registration Sensor
110K08471 Platen Open Switch
130K62580 Platen Angle Sensor Assembly
107E08680 Platen Angle Sensor
009E55450 Spring
604K05330 Lens Kit (Kit contains CCD PWB and Lens Assembly)
117K30960 CCD Flat Cable
962K05900 AC Harness (120V)
105E10480 IIT LVPS (100V)
019E49830 Clamp
  Carriage Cable/ Motor
063E94040 Tape
020E99590 Pulley
012K94110 Front Carriage Cable
012K94120 Rear Carriage Cable
063E94050 Tape
020E32740 Timing Pulley
023E19300 Belt
020E25090 Capstan Pulley
413W10950 Bearing
009E62830 Spring
017E92060 Foot
127K32140 Carriage Motor
  Full/Half Rate Carriage
041K94050 Full-Rate Carriage Assembly
117E19780 Lamp Wire Harness
062E10040 No 1 Mirror
019E50400 Clip
118E12090 Insulator
122E92030 Exposure Lamp
105E10510 Lamp Ballast PWB
041K94271 Half-Rate Carriage Assembly
062K10730 No 2 and No 3 Mirror
809E09110 Clip
004E06560 Damper Bearing
020K94970 Pulley
019E49470 Pad
017E94710 Swivel Caster
017E94730 Stationary Caster
017E94700 Foot
  Front/Rear Cover, Entrance Tray
048K76180 Rear Cover Assembly
140K60480 LED PWB
891E65180 Label (Display)
050K36410 Entrance Tray Assembly
009E26870 Spring Plate
032K93800 Document Guide
048E64200 Front Cover
891E65210 Size Label
  Top Cover, Registration Gate Solenoid
054K13621 Top Cover Assembly
015E48890 Front Magnet Plate
809E11130 Spring
059K11880 Pinch Roll
015E48900 Front Magnet Plate
110K07850 Top Cover Interlock Switch (Rear)
121K93870 Magnet
110K07870 Top Cover Interlock Switch (Front)
121K22710 Registration Gate Solenoid
019E93510 Push Rivet
  Counterbalance, DADF Control PWB
003K91881 Thumbscrew
036K91431 Right Counterbalance
036K91420 Left Counterbalance
160K83080 DADF Control PWB Assembly (W/ROM)
162K64340 Wire Harness
  Document Feed Chute (Upper), Feed Motor
054K13600 Document Feed Upper Chute
059K11840 Feed Roll Assembly
013E92760 Bearing
600K90370 Roll Kit (2 Rolls/Kit)
012E09750 Link
413W77359 Bearing
802K08320 Inner Cover Assembly
023E20000 Belt
127K32680 Feed Motor Assembly
  Document Feed Chute (Lower)
054K18780 Lower Chute Assembly
059K19720 Retard Roll
055K19260 Guard
130K60600 Document Sensor, Registration Sensor
121K22690 Set Gate Solenoid Assembly
130E80890 Size Sensor 1 (Rear), Size Sensor 2 (Front)
  DADF Belt Motor, Duplex Roll
127K32690 DADF Belt Motor Assembly
007K86700 Gear Pulley
023E19990 Belt
023E20010 Belt
020E21050 Pulley
020K91230 Pulley
022K37080 Upper Duplex Roll
022K37070 Lower Duplex Roll
023E12230 Belt
  Duplex Chute
130K60600 Duplex Sensor
050K46690 Gate
054K18790 Lower Chute Assembly
121E90640 Open Switch Magnet
  Registration Roll
007K81120 Gear Pulley
059K19750 Registration Roll
012E09760 Link
809E04210 Rear Spring
005E80250 Clip
013E94561 Bearing
008E90941 Rear Cam
012E91960 Link
022K38040 Registration Pinch Roll
008E90931 Front Cam
809E04220 Front Spring
009E28570 Spring
050K46690 Gate
009E28560 Spring
  Exit Motor/Chute
127K32640 Exit Motor Assembly
023E20000 Belt
020E93230 Pulley
059K11860 Exit Roll
130K60600 DADF Exit Sensor
105E06910 Static Eliminator
055K26060 Document Guard
054K13081 Lower Exit Chute
059K11821 Pinch Roll
  Document Transport, Platen Belt
007E66340 Gear
013E80970 Bearing
049E91070 Tension Plate
022K39710 Idler Roll
023E15690 Platen Belt
  Platen Glass, Registration Gate, Exit Tray
090K92820 Platen Glass
050K43070 Registration Gate
015K83700 Plate
673K51382 Exit Tray
003E43840 Thumbscrew
830E17490 Bracket
050E88440 Wing Tray




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